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June 1998
4 3/4" x 8 1/8"
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Amanda from Ohio writes:
People in the real world don't have a good grasp on life, so they turn to Jesus Christ and rely on him to help them through.

Beckie Pandolfo ( from Parsippany, New Jersey writes:
Since faith is obscure and not tangible, people have difficulty believing that there is something beyond this physical world. Living in this left-brained world encourages us to question and disbelieve the unproven. However, just because we can't prove what we can't fathom, doesn't mean that a greater power is inexistent...that is where faith comes in handy.

Neil Marek ( from Parsippany, New Jersey writes:
There is no such thing as faith. Faith is hollow, therefore the circle through the cross.

Mark Jurgens ( from Toronto, Canada writes:
In this, I see the need for the concrete as an aid to faith. The world is not a solid place, the spiritual world even less so. God gave us the concrete incarnation of Christ (someone we could see) so we might reach for what we cannot see, in faith.

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