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May 1996

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Emma Case from Somerset writes:
The man in the glass feels trapped; he feels invisible to other people and he wants to escape.

Kelly from South Wales writes:
In reply to Missy's comment [see below], if the glass doesn't exist, why does it have a reflection? Maybe you should consider the fact that the person inside the glass is lacking a reflection.

Missy ( from Pittsburgh, PA writes:
It seems to me that this person in the glass wants to get out of something that doesn't really exist........trying to get out of your own mind is how I see it. We see things that only exist to us.....

P.J. Veber ( from South Carolina writes:
I see a metaphor for alcoholism, a little person trapped in a drink glass, the reflection of the mirror being the clear, objective consideration of the situation. Think about it. If a person is an alcoholic, this is where he (or she) is: trapped in that glass.

Lily ( from Hawaii writes:
This picture immediately brings to mind one of my favorite childhood stories, "Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass." It depicts to me, that the image in the glass wants to be released. His reflection trying to reach anyone who mirrors back, someone awaiting a taste of him.

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