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Die Steckdose (study)
November 1997

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Judith Sandage Murphy ( from Fairborn, Ohio writes:
An electrofying experience - to each it means something different -- one person hangs on for dear life...others take a "trip to the moon" of reality, while for others it is the spark of life for a city dependant on electrical items.

Missy ( from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania writes:
The cord goes to a television, which holds people captive in a fake reality. Free yourself, and live in the world you actually exist in!

Patricia Hernandez ( from New Mexico writes:
It is his way of saying that we are electrocuting the trees all the time when we cut them down.

Brian Dulac ( from somewhere in the deep blue sea writes:
I call this being kicked out of the family tree for good. Talk about being the black sheep!

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