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pointillism using digital stamps

Pointillisms Using Digital Stamps are digital pieces of art that borrow a style from the artistic Impressionist Georges Seurat. Seurat had a very original brush stroke. Instead of painting a solid image he would use his brush to place little dots of paint on his canvas. When the observer stood far back enough, the dots merged and the viewer became unaware that the painting was made up different shades of small dabs of paint. If someone were to look at the painting at a much closer distance, the image would become unrecognizable.

If you were to substitute each of the little dots with a specific one-color pattern, you would have what I have termed a Pointillism Using Digital Stamps. By giving the patterns, or digital stamps, different colors, a larger image will emerge. The stamps can be the same image as the whole image or they can be a different image entirely. This type of artwork needs to be large enough so that the stamps can be recognizable when viewed from a close distance.

The Process:

There are a number of steps that must be taken to create a Pointillism Using Digital Stamps. First, you must make a pixelized version of the large image where squared off areas of the picture are substituted by the average color in the original area. These colors are the colors used to paint the stamps. Next, you must make the stamp by converting the image into two colors and then making the contrast on this image 100 percent. This will give you a black and white image. This image should be resized to about one inch by one inch so the final picture will be about two feet by three feet. Finally, you must cut and paste each of the colored stamps into their correct position. It is evident that this process lends itself to a computer program.

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